Monterey, California (during the TED 2006 Conference) — February 27, 2006

"This goes beyond all known schmoozing. This is like some kind of virtual-intellectual conspiracy-in-restraint-of-trade." — Bruce Sterling, "Third Culture Schmoozing"

Charles Simonyi, Lisa Randall

"The dinner party was a microcosm of a newly dominant sector of American business." — Wired

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anderson.stoll anderson.venter apsell.stoll
Chris Anderson, Wired
Cliff Stoll, The Cuckoo's Egg
Chris Anderson
J.Craig Venter,
J. Craig Venter Institute
Paula Apsell, NOVA/PBS
Cliff Stoll
bezos.jb day day.gage
Jeff Bezos, amazon,com
Tracy Day,
New York Science Fesitval
Tracy Day
John Gage, Sun Microsystems
dennett.bly diam.brand dyson.bezos
Daniel C. Dennett,
Breaking the Spell
Adam Bly, Seed
Peter Diamandas, XPrize
Stewart Brand,
Long Now Foundation
George Dyson, Project Orion
Jeff Bezos
greene.gershenfeld guccione.dyson guccione.hillis
Brian Greene,
The Fabric of the the Cosmos
Neal Gershenfeld, Fab
Bob Guccione, Jr., Discover
George Dyson
Bob Guccione, Jr.
W. Daniel Hillis,
Applied Minds
guccione.oleary hillis.pertranek hillispati.greene
Bob Guccione, Jr.
Shannon O'Leary
W. Daniel Hillis
Steve Pertranek, Discover
Pati Hillis
Brian Greene
jb.stoll joy.oleary
Cliff Stoll
Bill Joy, Kleiner Perkins
Shannon O'Leary
Bill Joy, Shannon O'Leary
W, Daniel Hillis
kamen.bly kirkpatrick.matson matson.shermer.stone
Dean Kamen, Deka Research
Adam Bly
David Kirkpatrick, Fortune
Katinka Matson,
Edge Foundation, Inc.
Katinka Matson
Michael Shermer
Linda Stone
stone.guccione venter.kamen oleary.gage
Linda Stone
Bob Guccione, Jr.
J. Craig Venter
Dean Kamen
Shannon O'Leary
John Gage
party phelan randall
Dinner Ryan Phelan, DNA Direct
Juan Enriquez,
The Untied States of America
Lisa Randall,
Warped Passages
reilly shermer.enriquez silveira
Tom Reilly, Griot Digital Michael Shermer
Juan Enriquez
Amy Silveira
simonyi simonyi.randall stoll
Charles Simonyi, Intentsoft Charles Simonyi
Lisa Randall
Cliff Stoll

EDGE Dinner 2006 Attendees: Chris Anderson, Wired; Paula Apsell, NOVA/PBS; Jeff Bezos, Amazon; Adam Bly, Seed; Stewart Brand, Long Now Foundation; Sergey Brin, Google; Keith Coleman, Google; Tracy Day, New York Science Fesitval; Daniel C. Dennett (Breaking the Spell); Peter Diamandis, XPrize Foundation; George Dyson (Project Orion); Juan Enriquez, (The United States of America); John Gage (Sun Microsystems); Neil Gershenfeld (Fab); Brian Greene (The Fabric of Reality); Bob Guccione, Jr., Discover; W. Daniel Hillis, Applied Minds; Pati Hillis; Salar Kamangar, Google; Bill Joy, Kleiner Perkins; Dean Kamen, Deka Research; David Kirkpatrick, Fortune; Larry Page, Google; Lori Park, Google; Ryan Phelan, DNA Direct; Katinka Matson, Edge; Shannon O'Leary; Steve Petranek, Discover; Lisa Randall (Warped Passages); Tom Rielly, Griot Digital; Michael Shermer (Science Friction); Amy Silveira; Cliff Stoll (The Cuckoo's Egg); Charles Simonyi (Intentsoft); Linda Stone; J. Craig Venter (J. Craig Venter Institute); Anne Wojcicki, Passport Capital

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