First Dan David Prize Winners Announced; Individuals and One Institution Selected for Three $1 Million Awards Recognizing Achievements in 'Past, Present or Future'

The laureates of the 2002 Dan David Prize, given for the first time this year, are:

Past - History · For achievements in expanding knowledge of the Past: The Warburg Institute Library, London for facilitating the study of western civilization and its convergence with the ancient and modern cultures of Islam, Judaism, and early Christianity.

Present - Technology, Information & Society — For accomplishments that are shaping and enriching society and public life in the Present: Dr. W. Daniel Hillis for his defining work in the area of parallel processing and for his spirit of innovation, creativity, and exploration.

Future - Life Sciences · For breakthroughs that hold great promise for the Future: Prof. Sydney Brenner, Prof. John Sulston and Prof. Robert Waterston for their outstanding contributions to research and bio genetics breakthroughs.

Dan David, photographic technology innovator and Chairman of Photo Me International, has endowed the prize program with shares valued at approximately $100 Million. Tel Aviv University administers this international prize to recognize achievements in "innovative and interdisciplinary research that cuts across traditional boundaries" by "those who study the past, work in the present and plan for a better future." Disciplines of study eligible for the award include, but are not limited to, archaeology, history, the Arts, journalism, conflict resolution, environmental studies, law, psychology, philosophy, the life sciences, and mathematics, among others.

Hillis has announced that he is setting up a non-profit foundation which will give away the annual interest on the prize money.

W. DANIEL (Danny) HILLIS is Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Applied Minds, Inc., a research and development company creating a range of new products and services in software, entertainment, electronics, biotechnology and mechanical design. The company also provides advanced technology, creative design and consulting services to a variety of clients.

Previously, Hillis was Vice President, Research and Development at Walt Disney Imagineering, and a Disney Fellow. He pioneered the concept of parallel computers that is now the basis for most supercomputers, as well as the RAID disk array technology used to store large databases. He holds over 40 U.S. patents, covering parallel computers, disk arrays, forgery prevention methods, and various electronic and mechanical devices. Danny Hillis is also the designer of a 10,000-year mechanical clock and the author of The Pattern On The Stone: The Simple Ideas That Make Computers Work (ScienceMasters Series).

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