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"John Brockman...the shadowy figure at the top the cyberfashion food chain." —Ted Nelson

1998 — 2013

Ricardo Salinas, Groupo Salinas
Larry Page, Google

John Brockman

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo
Jacqui Safra

Sergey Brin, Julia Milner, Yuri Milner

Danielle Lambert
Tony Fadell, Nest

Anne Wojcocki, 23andMe
Lori Park, Google

Jean Pigozzi
Maria Laura Salinas
Ricardo Salinas

Lucy Southworth Page
John Brockman
Julia Mlner

Sergey Brin, Google

Salar Kamagar, Google

Lucy Southworth Page
Paul Allen, Vulcan Ventures

Sergey Brin, Google
Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Jean Pigozzi

Tony Fadell, Nest
John Brockman

Anne Wojcicki, 23 & Me
Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures

Salar Kamangar, YouTube
Danielle Lambert

"Those present were the owners of Google, Twitter, Bill Gates, Benoit Mandelbrot (fractals), Craig Venter (Human Genome Project). Do I need to drop more names? A bomb at dinner and we would lose much of a certain creative intelligence that drives our world and our future, or the future that these people have created for all of us. The technologists have now become the center of power."

Marissa Mayer, Google

Ricardo Salinas, Groupo Salinas

Jeff Bezos, Amazon
John Brockman

Jeff Skoll, Participant Media

Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX

Lucy Soutworth Page

@ev — Evan Williams, Twitter

Jared Cohen, Dave Morin, John Cusack, Dean Kamen, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Michael Shermer

Bill Joy, Kleiner Perkins
Stewart Brand, Long Now Foundation
Sergey Brin, Google

Jeff Bezos, Amazon
Annaka Harris, Project Reason

Lawrence Brilliant, M.D., Linda Stone, Jean Case, Steve Case, Rod Brooks

Larry Page, Google
John Brockman
George Church, Harvard
Craig Venter, Synthetic Genomics

The "Billionaires' Dinner"

Many years ago in the midst of the Web 1.0 boom, when working as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, BoomTown redubbed an annual dinner that book agent John Brockman threw ... called the "Millionaires' Dinner," but I renamed it the "Billionaires' Dinner."That was due to the frothy fortunes that had been made at the time by the Internet pioneers, from Amazon to AOL to eBay. Well, despite the economic meltdown, there were still a lot of billionaires in attendance at Brockman's most recent dinner last Thursday in Long Beach. ...

Larry Page, Google
Danny Hillis, Applied Minds

Peter Gabriel
John Brockman
Bill Gates
, Gates Foundation

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly's Radar
Arianna Huffington
, Huffington Post

Steve Case, Revolution Health
Jean Case, Case Foundation

Pierre Omidyar, Omidyar Network

"Freeman Dyson and Jared Diamond, sharing the same room at the same space-time instant. How could their brains not explode from critical mass? This goes beyond all known schmoozing. This is like some kind of virtual-intellectual conspiracy-in-restraint-of-trade."

Evan Williams, Twitter
Nassim Taleb, Essayist
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe
Sergey Brin, Google

Pierre Omidyar, Omidyar Network
Larry Page, Google

"The Billionaires' Dinner — row upon row of the world's most successful (and richest) human beings."

Anne Wojcicki & Murray Gell-Mann

Sergey Brin & W.Daniel Hillis
Jeff Bezos

"...It didn't take long for an annual get-together ... to show mindboggling growth — in this case a change in its name from the Millionaires' Dinner to the Billionaires' Dinner... the crowd was sprinkled generously with those who had amassed wealth beyond imagining in a historical eye blink. The muscle and money behind tech stars such as Microsoft, America Online, Sun Microsystems and others ."

Bill Joy, Shannon O'Leary, W. Daniel Hillis

Craig Venter & Dean Kamen

Charles Simonyi & Lisa Randall

"... a microcosm of a newly dominant sector of American business. "

Mackenzie Bazos & Jeff Bezos

Craig Venter, Sergey Brin,
Larry Page, John Brockman

Ann Wojcicki, Sergey Brin, J. Craig Venter

It happened here one night last week over chicken and polenta at the annual private dinner, given by the New York literary agent John Brockman, formerly called the Millionaires' and Billionaires' Dinner. There were still a few members of that endangered species scattered about, among them Nathan Myhrvold,

Ariane de Bonvoisin, Daniel Gilbert, Eva Wisten

My Dinner with Rupert
By Michael Wolff

Rupert kept taking. He grew more expansive, more conspiratorial, even (although it did seem like he'd conspire with anyone), his commentary more intimate. We proposed that he come with us to the dinner we were scheduled to go to John Brockman's Billionaire's dinner ...

Sergey Brin, Ronna Tanenbaum
MacKenzie & Jeff Bezos

Eric Schmidt & Kelly Bovino

Larry Page

At the Growing Billionaires' Dinner, Tech Stars Move to Grown-Ups' Table

MONTEREY, Calif. — Like a lot of things in the frothy Internet world, it didn't take long for an annual get-together at one of the industry's trendiest conferences to show mindboggling growth —in this case a change in its name from the Millionaires' Dinner to the Billionaires' Dinner.

... the crowd was sprinkled generously with those who had amassed wealth beyond imagining in a historical eye blink. The muscle and money behind tech stars such as Microsoft, America Online, Sun Microsystems and others had gathered at the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference here.

When the host, New York literary agent John Brockman, added three zeros to the dinner last year, there was more than a bit of giggly discomfort among the attendees. The general agreement was that the provocative Mr. Brockman, who also runs a discussion Web site called Edge.org, was poking fun more than offering a description....

Jeffrey Katzenberg & John Brockman

John Brockman, Steven Pinker, Daniel C. Dennett, Katinka Matson, Richard Dawkins

John Brockman & Rupert Murdoch

The weather, though, from San Francisco down the coast to Monterrey, where TED is held, turned bad, and it suddenly started to look like Brockman's dinner might be short a few billionaires.

It used to be the millionaires' dinner, but in the enthusiasm of the bull market, Brockman upped it a thousandfold (certainly, among the guests, there were a lot of millionaires — maybe everyone). Of course, the point is not the billionaires per se but the good fellowship that the idea of proximity to billionaires engenders. Does that fellowship disappear just because some billionaires don't want to take a chance on the weather?

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Martha Stewart

Ari Emmanuel, John Brockman,
Jordan Mejias

You don't have to be a billionaire to get invited to the "Billionaire's Dinner" tonight in Monterey, Calif. But you do have to know literary agent/ author/ entrepreneur John Brockman, who makes it his business to know who is among the digerati. The dinner coincides with the 10th annual Technology, Entertainment, Design or TED, conference, which brings together Hollywood and Silicon Valley.....Last year's dinner guests included confirmed billionaires Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com Inc. and Steve Case of America Online Inc. as well as likely contender Nathan Myhrvold of Microsoft Corp.

It's just a fun gathering for a few of my friends," Mr. Brockman says. The stock market has made new billionaires out of some previous centimillionaire guests, so Mr. Brockman doubled the size of the dinner but claims he still has to turn people away. To add suspense to this year's event, Mr. Brockman promises two surprise billionaires who prefer to remain unidentified. Hint: at least one is unmarried.

Steve Riggio

Dean Kamen & Stewart Brand

Michael Milken

World Domination, Corporate Cubism, and Alien Mind Control at the Digerati Dinner - 1998

Chronicler of the digerati, John Brockman, handpicked the best of breed at last week's Monterey TED (technology, entertainment, design) conference to attend his yearly soirée, where technology's philosopher-kings mused on all things Internet, multimedia.

Jeff Bezos & Nathan Myhrvold

Jeff & Mackenzie Bezos

Steve Case & Nathan Myhrvold

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