Cibo — Monterey, California — February 24, 2000

"Boom Town: At the Growing Billionaires' Dinner, Tech Stars Move to Grown-Ups' Table"
— Kara Swisher, The Wall Street Journal

"Bond Trading: At TED, the new-media version of a Mafia wedding, you rub elbows with the dons and capos of the Internet world and become an instant member of the family."
— Michael Wolff, New York


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Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft
Jeffrey Epstein, J. Epstein & Co.

Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab
Ronna Tannenbaum, Alexa

Sandy Climan, Entertainment Media Ventures
Toby Coppel, Allen & Company
Lara Stein
Toby Coppel, Allen & Co.
Tom Reilly, PanetOut
Katinka Matson, Brockman, Inc.
Megan Smith, PanetOut

Sandy Climan, EMV Ventures
Arwen Dayton
Katinka Matson, Brockman, Inc.
Dave Ditzel, Transmeta Corp.
Forrest Sawyer
Richard Brandt, Upside

David Braunscvhig, Lazard Freres
David Bank, Wall St. Journal
George Dyson
Linda Stone, Microsoft

Jeff Berg, ICM
Katrina Heron, Wired

Cyndi Stivers, Time Out New York
Karl Sims
Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab

Jay Chiat, Screaming Media
Bran Ferren, Applied Minds
Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab

Arwen & Sky Dayton
Marney Morris, Animatrix
Steve Riggio, bn.com

Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems
Art Shaw, MyCFO

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