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"The crowd was sprinkled generously with those who had amassed wealth beyond imagining in a historical eye blink." — The Wall Street Journal
@ev Evan Williams Jean Pigozzi & Max Brockman Bill Gates & Arianna Huffington

Long Beach, California
February 11, 2010

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Bill Joy, Stewart Brand, Sergey Brin Jeff Bezos & Annaka Harris Larry Page, John Brockman,
George Church, Craig Venter

A New Age of Wonder

Where the Dawning of the Age of Biology Was Officially Announced

In the summer of 2009, in a talk at the Bristol (UK) Festival of Ideas, physicist Freeman Dyson articulated a vision for the future. He referenced The Age Of Wonder, by Richard Holmes, in which the first Romantic Age described by Holmes was centered on chemistry and poetry, while Dyson pointed out that this new age is dominated by computational biology. Its leaders, he noted, include "biology wizards" Kary Mullis, Craig Venter, medical engineer Dean Kamen; and "computer wizards" Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and Charles Simonyi. He pointed out that the nexus for this intellectual activity — the Lunar Society for the 21st century — is centered around the activities of Edge.

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Kary Mullis & Benoit Mandelbrot Daniel Dennett & Nathan Myhrvold Anne Treisman, Daniel Kahneman,
W. Daniel Hillis
Katinka Matson, Michael Tchao,
Jared Cohen, Dave Morin
Jared Cohen, Dave Morin, John Cusack, Dean Kamen Jared Cohen, Dave Morin, John Cusack, Dean Kamen, Bill Gates,
Arianna Huffington
Jesse Dylan & Jeff Skoll John Brockman Lisa Randall & Jaqui Safra
Xeni Jardin, Nathan Wolfe,
Marissa Mayer
Jason Calacanis, Evan Williams,
Keith Coleman
Larry Brilliant, Linda Stone, Jean Case, Steve Case, Rod Brooks

Susan Wojciki, Kara Swisher,
Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki
Chad Hurley, Galia Solomonoff,
Zack Bogue
Stephen Wolfram, Andres Roemer, Ricardo Salinas Pliego
Nancy Mullis & Kary Mullis Keith Coleman, Esther Duflo,
Salar Kamangar
Benoit Mandelbrot
Nicholas Pritzker Lori Park Yves Behar
Danielle Lambert, Tony Fadell,
Katinka Matson, Zack Bogue
Tim Berners-Lee, Chris Anderson,
Juan Enriquez
Anne Treisman & Daniel Kahneman
Juan Enriquez, Jaqui Safra,
Jean Pigozzi, Stephen Wolfram,
Elise Wolfram
Laura Chang, John Markoff,
Stewart Brand
Craig Venter, John Brockman,
Denis Dutton
Richard Thaler Daniel Dennett Peter Diamandis
Chris Anderson Nicholas Christakis, Danny Kahneman, Anne Treisman, Karen Wickre Lori Park & Larry Page
Laura Chang, Nancy Mullis, Sam Harris, Annaka Harris, Shannon Joy Richard Thaler, Esther Duflo,
Craig Venter
Esther Duflo
Ricardo Salinas Pliego & Yves Behar Max Brockman & Larry Brilliant Ryan Phelan & Chris W. Anderson
June Cohen & Michael Specter Jason Calacanis & Lisa Randall Jeff Bezos & Sam Harris
Chad Hurley, Galia Solomonoff,
Tim O'Reilly
Pati Hillis, Steven Levy, Matt Groening Jean Pigozzi & Anne Wojcicki
Richard Thaler, Esther Duflo,
Craig Venter
Steven Levy & Nathan Myhrvold Pati Hillis & Matt Groening
Susan Wojciki & Kara Swisher Annaka Harris, Andres Roemer,
Sam Harris, Susan Dennett,
Shannon Joy
Annaka Harris, Andres Roemer,
Sam Harris
Max Brockman & Esther Duflo Peter Diamandis & Jeff Bezos Steven Levy, Marissa Mayer,
Tim O'Reilly
George Church & Craig Venter Elise Wolfram & W. Daniel Hillis John Markoff & Aillette Mandelbrot
Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Andres Roemer, Jeff Bezos, Bill Joy Keith Coleman & Esther Duflo Max Brockman & Jaqui Safra
John Markoff Xeni Jardin & W. Daniel Hillis Larry Page, George Church,
Laura Chang, Craig Venter
Rosemary Leith, Tim Berners-Lee, Chris Anderson, Juan Enriquez Yves Behar & Danielle Lambert Craig Venter & Larry Page
Danielle Lambert & Tony Fadell Larry Page, Lori Park, Salar Kamangar Craig Venter & Chris Anderson
Katinka Matson David Rockwell

Guest List

Chris Anderson, Curator, TED; Chris Anderson, Editor, Wired; Yves Behar, Designer, FuseProject; Tim Berners-Lee, World Wide Web Consortium , MIT; Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.com; Zack Bogue, Montara Capital Partners; Stewart Brand, Long Now Foundation; Lawrence Brilliant, M.D., Skoll Urgent Threats Fund; Sergey Brin, Co-Founder & President, Technology, Google; John Brockman, Edge Foundation; Max Brockman, VP, Brockman, Inc.; Rodney Brooks, Computer Sciencist, Heartland Robotics, MIT; Jason Calacanis, CEO, Mahalo; Jean Case, The Case Foundation; Steve Case, Revolution Health ; Laura Chang, Editor, Science Times, The New York Times; Nicholas Christakis, Network Scientist, Harvard ; George Church, Genomics Researcher, Harvard; Larry Cohen, Gates Foundation ; Jared Cohen, US State Department; June Cohen, Director, TED Media; Keith Coleman, Gmail Product Director, Google; John Cusack, Actor; Daniel Dennett, Philosopher, Tufts; Susan Dennett; Peter Diamandis, X Prize; Esther Duflo, Economist, MIT; Denis Dutton, Founder & Editor, Arts & Letters Daily ; Jesse Dylan, Film Director, FreeForm; Juan Enriquez, Biotechonomy LLC; Tony Fadell, Advisor to Steve Jobs & Former Senior VP, iPOD Division, Apple; Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft; Co-Chair, Gates Foundation; Matt Groening, The Simpsons; Sam Harris, Neuroscientist; Annaka Harris, Co-Founder, Reason Project, Editor; W. Daniel Hillis, Computer Scientist, Applied Minds ; Pati Hillis; Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post; Chad Hurley, Co-Founder, CEO, YouTube; Xeni Jardin, Co-Founder, Boing Boing; Bill Joy, Kleiner Perkins ; Shannon Joy; Daniel Kahneman, Psychologist, Princeton; Salar Kamangar, VP, Product Management, Google; Dean Kamen, Inventor, Deka Research; Rosemary Leith, The World Wide Web Foundation; Steven Levy, Wired; Danielle Lambert, Former Senior VP, Human Resources, Apple; Benoit Mandelbrot, Mathematician, Yale ; Aillette Mandelbrot; John Markoff, The New York Times; Katinka Matson, Cofounder, Edge Foundation; Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products & User Experience Google; Dave Morin, Facebook; Kary Mullis, Chemist, Altermune, Inc.; Nancy Mullis; Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures; Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen Fund; Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media; Dean Ornish, M.D., Preventive Medicine Research Institute; Larry Page, Co-Founder & President, Products, Google; Lucy Page Southworth, Biomedical Post-Doc, Stanford; Lori Park, Google; Ryan Phelan, DNA Direct; Jean Pigozzi, Investor, Liquid Jungle Lab; Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Grupo Salinas, Grupo Elektra; Nicholas Pritzker, Hyatt Development Corporation; Lisa Randall, Physicist, Harvard; David Rockwell, Architect, The Rockwell Group; Andres Roemer, La Ciudad de las Ideas Festival; Jacqui Safra, Investor, Vintner, Encyclopædia Britannica; Michael Shermer, Skeptic Magazine; Jeff Skoll, Participant Media ; Galia Solomonoff, Solomonoff Architecture Studio; Michael Specter, The New Yorker; Linda Stone, Hi-Tech Industry Consultant; Kara Swisher, Wall Street Journal, All Things Digital; Richard Thaler, Behavioral Economist, University of Chicago; Michael Tchao, VP, iPAD Product Marketing Division, Apple; Anne Treisman, Psychologist, Princeton; Craig Venter, Genomics Researcher, Synthetic Genomics; Karen Wickre, Google; Evan Williams, CEO, Twitter; Anne Wojcicki, 23 and Me; Susan Wojciki, Vice President, Product Management, Google; Nathan Wolfe, Biologist, Stanford; Stephen Wolfram Physicist, Wolfram Research; Elise Wolfram

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