Monterey, California (during the TED Conference) — March 7, 2007

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Paola Antonelli, MOMA
Katinka Matson, Edge
Sergey Brin, Google
W. Daniel Hillis, Applied Minds

"This goes beyond all known schmoozing. This is like some kind of virtual-intellectual conspiracy-in-restraint-of-trade." — Bruce Sterling

Matt Greoning, "The Simpsons"
V.S. Ramachandran
Carolyn Porco, Cyclops
Steven Pinker

John Brockman, Edge, Stewart Brand, Long Now Foundation, Kevin Kelly Anne Wojcicki, 23andme
Murray Gell-Mann

Girija Brilliant
Larry Brilliant,
Marcel Reichart, Burda
Pati Hillis
Tan Sri KT Lim (TSKT), Genting, Malaysia, John Brockman

W. Daniel Hillis, Applied Minds
John Markoff, The New York Times
V.S. Ramachandran, Tom Reilly, Ted, Tony Fadell, Senior VP, iPod Division (iPhone) Apple

"The dinner party was a microcosm of a newly dominant sector of American business." — Wired

Dean Kamen, Deka Research
Larry Page, Google
Steven Levy, Newsweek
Peter Gabriel

Will Wright & Kim Edwards, Spore Murray Gell-Mann
Katinka Matson, Edge
Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Paul Ewald
Rebecca Goldstein
Esther Dyson, EdVentures
Lim Keong Hui, Genting, Malaysia

Jeff Bezos, Amazon
Adam Bly, Seed
Steffy Czerny, Linda Stone, Larry Brilliant, Jeff Bezos, Girija Brilliant

THE EDGE DINNER: 1998 - 2007


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"Danger – brilliant minds at work...A brilliant book: exhilarating, hilarious, and chilling." The Evening Standard (London)

Paperback—UK £8.99, 352 pp
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