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Edge 329 — October 14, 2010


Edge-Serpentine Map Marathon


Three years ago, Edge collaborated with The Serpentine Gallery in London in a program of "table-top experiments" as part of the Serpentine's Experiment Marathon . This live event was featured along with the Edge/Serpentine collaboration: "What Is Your Formula? Your Equation? Your Algorithm? Formulae For the 21st Century."

Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator of the Serpentine, has invited Edge to collaborate in his latest project, The Serpentine Map Marathon, Saturday and Sunday, 16 – 17 October, at Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR (Map).

The multi-dimensional Map Marathon features non-stop live presentations by over 50 artists, poets, writers, philosophers, scholars, musicians, architects, designers and scientists. The two-day event takes place in London during Frieze Art Fair week.

The event features maps by Edge contributors, and an Edge panel of Lewis Wopert, Armand Leroi, and John Brockman, on Sunday (17 October) 1:15pm-2:15pm.

The gallery is a work-in-progress. We are posting Edge Maps as they are received. Click on images to enlarge or click here to begin slide show.

Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán Philosopher; Founder, Manager, METODO

Lewis Wolpert Biologist, University College; Author, Six Impossible Things to Do Before Breakfast
Armand Leroi Evolutionary Developmental Biologist, Imperial College: Author, Mutants: On Genetic Variatey and The Human Body

Kai Krause Software Pioneer, Author 'I think... there... 4am'

Tim Berners-Lee Engineer; Director, World-Wide Web Consortium

Sean Carroll Theoretical Physicist, Caltech; Author, From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ulitmate Theory Of Time

Douglas Rushkoff Media Analyst; Documentary Writer; Author, Program or Be Programmed

Joan Chiao Assistant Professor, Brain, Behavior, and Cognition; Social Psychology; Northwestern University

Nicholas A. Christakis Physician and Social Scientist, Harvard University; Coauthor, Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

James Fowler Political Scientist, University of California, San Diego; Coauthor, Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

Emanuel Derman Professor, Financial Engineering, Columbia University; Principal, Prisma Capital Partners; Former Head, Quantitative Strategies Group, Equities Division, Goldman Sachs & Co.; Author, My Life As A Quant

Jennifer Jacquet Post-doctoral researcher at the University of British Columbia

Joel Gold Psychiatrist; Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine

J. Craig Venter Genome Scientist, J. Craig Venter Institute; Author, A Life Decoded

Gino Segré Physicist, University of Pennsylvania; Author, Faust In Copenhagen: A Struggle for the Soul Of Physics

Bruce SterlingNovelist; Author, The Caryatids

Laurence C. Smith Professor of Geography and Earth & Space Sciences, UCLA; Author,The World in 2050: Four Fources Shaping Civilization's Northern Future

Cesar Hidalgo Assistant Professor, The Media Laboratory, MIT; Faculty Associate, Center for International Development, Harvard

George Dyson Science Historian; Author, Project Orion
Brian Knutson Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Stanford University

Neri Oxman Architect and Designer, MIT Media Lab

George F. Smoot Cosmologist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Recipient, The Nobel Prize For Physics 2006; Coauthor, Wrinkles in Time

James Croak Artist

Dimitar Sasselov
Astrophysicist, Harvard

Dave McKean
Artist, designer and filmmaker

Carlo Ratti
Architect and Engineer; director, MIT Senseable City Lab

Nicholas Humphrey
Psychologist, London School of Economics; Author, Soul Dust


Edited by John Brockman

"An intellectual treasure trove"
San Francisco Chronicle

Edited by John Brockman

Harper Perennial


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Contributors include: RICHARD DAWKINS on cross-species breeding; IAN McEWAN on the remote frontiers of solar energy; FREEMAN DYSON on radiotelepathy; STEVEN PINKER on the perils and potential of direct-to-consumer genomics; SAM HARRIS on mind-reading technology; NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB on the end of precise knowledge; CHRIS ANDERSON on how the Internet will revolutionize education; IRENE PEPPERBERG on unlocking the secrets of the brain; LISA RANDALL on the power of instantaneous information; BRIAN ENO on the battle between hope and fear; J. CRAIG VENTER on rewriting DNA; FRANK WILCZEK on mastering matter through quantum physics.

"a provocative, demanding clutch of essays covering everything from gene splicing to global warming to intelligence, both artificial and human, to immortality... the way Brockman interlaces essays about research on the frontiers of science with ones on artistic vision, education, psychology and economics is sure to buzz any brain." (Chicago Sun-Times)

"11 books you must read — Curl up with these reads on days when you just don't want to do anything else: 5. John Brockman's This Will Change Everything: Ideas That Will Shape the Future" (Forbes India)

"Full of ideas wild (neurocosmetics, "resizing ourselves," "intuit[ing] in six dimensions") and more close-to-home ("Basketball and Science Camps," solar technology"), this volume offers dozens of ingenious ways to think about progress" (Publishers Weekly — Starred Review)

"A stellar cast of intellectuals ... a stunning array of responses...Perfect for: anyone who wants to know what the big thinkers will be chewing on in 2010. " (New Scientist)

"Pouring over these pages is like attending a dinner party where every guest is brilliant and captivating and only wants to speak with you—overwhelming, but an experience to savor." (Seed)

* based On The Edge Annual Question — 2009: "What Will Change Everything?)

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