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John Brockman has an uncanny way of knowing people who know something important, and a talent for putting those people together.

--Howard Rheingold

John Brockman

The Connector

John Brockman is the author/editor of nineteen books, including the recently published "The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution". Founder of Brockman, Inc., a literary and software agency, Brockman is also the cofounder and chairman of Content.Com, Inc., a Web-based digital publishing company. He lives in New York City.

Content in the Digital Age

"McLuhan had pointed out that by inventing electric technology, we had externalized our central nervous systems; that is, our minds. Cage went further to say that we now had to presume that 'there's only one mind, the one we all share.' Cage pointed out that we had to go beyond private and personal mind-sets and understand how radically things had changed. Mind had become socialized. 'We can't change our minds without changing the world,' he said. Mind as a man-made extension became our environment, which he characterized as 'the collective consciousness,' which we could tap into by creating 'a global utilities network.'"