Richard Dawkins: How a scientist changed the way we think
Alan Grafen and Mark Ridley (eds)
Oxford University Press, March 2006.

Published to coincide with the 30th anniversary of The Selfish Gene, this sparkling collection explores the impact of Richard Dawkins as scientist, rationalist, and one of the most important thinkers alive today.

Specially commissioned pieces by leading figures in science, philosophy, literature, and the media, such as Daniel C. Dennett, Matt Ridley, Steven Pinker, Philip Pullman, and the Bishop of Oxford, highlight the breadth and range of Dawkins' influence on modern science and culture, from the gene's eye view of evolution to his energetic engagement in public debates on science, rationalism, and religion.

This volume, which includes personal reminiscences and critical debate, as well as accessible discussions of science, is a stimulating tribute to a remarkable intellectual, written by some of the finest writers and scientists working today.


Dr Robert Aunger
, Senior Lecturer, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

David P.Barash, Professor of Psychology, University of Washington

Sir Patrick Bateson, Professor of Ethology, University of Cambridge

Dr Seth Bullock, University of Leeds

Helena Cronin, Co-Director, Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, LSE

Martin Daly, Department of Psychology, McMaster University

Marian Stamp Dawkins, Professor of Animal Behaviour, Oxford University

Daniel C. Dennett, Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University

David Deutsch, Professor, Centre for Quantum Computation, University of Oxford

A.C.Grayling, Professor of Philosophy, Birkbeck College

David Haig, Associate Professor of Biology, Harvard University

Michael Hansell, Professor, Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Glasgow

The Rt Revd Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford

Sir John Krebs, Professor, Department of Zoology, Oxford Universit

Dr Marek Kohn, author

Randolph Nesse, Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, The University of Michigan

Steven Pinker, Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology, Harvard University

Philip Pullman, author

Andrew Read, Professor of Natural History, University of Edinburgh

Dr Matt Ridley, author

Michael Ruse, Professor of Philosophy, Florida State University

Ullica Segerstrale, Professor of Sociology, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

Michael Shermer, Director of the Skeptics Society, columnist, and author

Kim Sterelny, Professor of Philosophy, Victoria University, Wellington

Margo Wilson, Professor of Psychology, McMaster University

John Brockman, Editor and Publisher
Russell Weinberger, Associate Publisher

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