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JB: Once you build your clock it will become the next Las Vegas.

BRAND: We'll set it up as a national park from the start and make sure that the view shed is protected, as they say at Mt. Vernon. We've looked at a number of sites.

JB: Are local people against this?

BRAND: No - haven't run into that - although we haven't settled on enough of a local site anywhere for them to get alarmed.

JB: Most likely area?

BRAND:In the U.S., probably high desert in the West somewhere - that's a lot of terrain, and we haven't got anything more specific than that yet. The sites we've looked at, and the way we keep saying we want to do this, somebody will say, funnily enough I have a canyon edge, or a butte, or a mountain or whatever it might be, that I'd love to have this clock be at for 1000 years, let's do it.

JB: Government?

BRAND: Well, we're working to some extent with the National Park Service in the Presidio, in San Francisco, where we already have an office and we're going to be expanding into a larger space there - we'd love to build a clock in the Presidio on a monumental scale, and so far people we've talked to in the Park Service and the Presidio Trust are not averse to the idea, - obviously it'll take time for them to decide if they want to do it, and for us to respond. I'd love to have a clock in the Presidio. I'd love to have one in Los Angeles, at the Getty Center - There are other cities that have said they'd like to have one.

JB: Organization put together to run this?

BRAND:The organization is called the Long Now Foundation. It's non-profit, it's founded in June '96, the board members are an extraordinary bunch - looking at the photograph here, Doug Carlston, Paul Saffo, Peter Schwartz, me, Danny Hillis, Kevin Kelly, Brian Eno, Esther Dyson, and one of the founding board members, who is Mitchell Kapor. He's now emeritus. We've been talking on-line weekly for 3 years together. We've got funding for the prototype clock, and an additional hundred thousand dollars from various donors to build the organization, get the office, hire people, and so on. So it's a happening small foundation. Doug Carlston points out that designing a clock will be hard, designing a library will be hard, but designing an institution to keep good care of them for 10000 years will possibly be the hardest of all.

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