Eberhard Zangger

EBERHARD ZANGGER is managing director of science communications, a Swiss agency focussing on strategic public relations for international technology and research enterprises. Today his expertise lies in reputation management and crisis communications. For almost twenty years, until 1999, Zangger was engaged in numerous archaeological field projects all around the Mediterranean. His reconstructed the changing environments around settlement sites and the historic interrelations between ancient civilisations and their natural environment.

Zangger received a PhD in Geology from Stanford University in 1988 and was subsequently senior research associate in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge, England. He has written a monograph, published by the German Archaeological Institute, as well as more than seventy scholarly articles, which have appeared in the American Journal of Archaeology, Hesperia, the Oxford Journal of Archaeology, and the Journal of Field Archaeology. He is also the author of The Flood from Heaven: Deciphering the Atlantis Legend and The Future of the Past.

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