Richard Saul Wurman

"When I pick up a book, if it's a novel, I know that I have so many more pages to read. I know where I am in the story. When I watch a movie that I know is two hours, I know that no matter what happens in the first five minutes, it's not the end of the movie. It's going to take two hours to go through the plot. I have a sense of where I am. This is not a trivial issue. It gives me a base. It's a centering thing."

RICHARD SAUL WURMAN is originator of the TED conferences. His current ventures include his company TOP, which publishes books and related media focusing on health and wealth. He is continuing with his series of TEDMED conferences, which examine the communication and visualization of medical information.

He is also an architect, a cartographer, the creator of the Access Travel Guide Series, and the author and designer of more than sixty books, including Information Architects, Follow the Yellow Brick Road and Information Anxiety.

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