Martin Wattenberg

MARTIN WATTENBERG, a Group Manager and researcher at IBM's Visual Communication Lab, a mathematician whose research interests include information visualization and its application to collaborative computing, journalism, bioinformatics, and art. Before joining IBM, Martin was the Director of Research and Development at, where he designed internet-based financial software. His work at SmartMoney included the groundbreaking Map of the Market, which visualizes live data on hundreds of publicly traded companies.

Wattenberg has also worked with nonfinancial data ranging from email archives to DNA sequences. In addition he is well known for artistic data visualization, visualizing such disparate information sources as music, museum collections, and web searches. His artwork has been exhibited internationally, including at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the New Museum, and Ars Electronica. Martin holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley.


Beyond Edge:

Map of the Market

History Flow