Robert Trivers

ROBERT TRIVERS' scientific work has concentrated on two areas, social theory based on natural selection (of which a theory of self-deception is one part) and the biology of selfish genetic elements (which leads to certain kinds of internal genetic conflicts). His early work—offering unifying theories on reciprocal altruism, parental investment, sexual selection, parent-offspring conflict, the sex ratio, and deceit and self-deception—has now been cited more than 7000 times in the scientific literature. His work on selfish genetic elements has appeared in several articles.

He is the author of Social Evolution, Natural Selection and Social Theory: Selected Papers of Robert Trivers.

Trivers is a frequent, featured speaker at international academic meetings (e.g. "Selfish genetic elements and social behavior", 1st William Hamilton Memorial Lecture, 9th International Conference of Behavioral Ecologists, McGill University, Montreal, CA, July 10, 2002, audience of 750) or as University guest (e.g. Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, U of Texas, Austin, April, 2003).

He was cited in a special Time issue as one of the 100 greatest thinkers and scientists of the 20th Century.

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