John R. Skoyles

Dr. JOHN R. SKOYLES is a Graduate, London School of Economics;Postgraduate, University College London; and Former MRC funded neuroscience researcher who is a researcher in the evolution of human intelligence in the light of recent discoveries about the brain.

His projects and papers include Origins of modern cognition;The alphabet and the origins of Western Civilization; Phones are a vocal imitation code; Left to right of history; Popper studies; Consciousness; Autism; Data-archiving; Self-sustaining situations and money; Greek Art; Memory headers; Brain size IQ and human evolution; Religion and mind viruses; Humanistic morality; Reading and neural networks; Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.

While a first-year student at LSE, published a theory of the origins of Western Civilization in Nature. He is the author (with Dorion Sagan) of Up From Dragons: The Evolution of Human Intelligence.

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