Karl Sigmund

KARL SIGMUND is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Vienna. After studies in Vienna and some post-doc years in Manchester, Paris and Jerusalem, he became associate professor of statistics in Göttingen and shortly later full professor in Vienna at the age of 29. He worked first on statistical mechanics and dynamical systems, later on biomathematics and game theory. He also became increasingly involved with the history of the Vienna Circle.

Sigmund is the author of Games of Life, and the co-author of several monographs on ergodic theory and evolutionary game theory. He written many general-interest papers for Scientific American, New Scientist, the Mathematical Intelligencer, etc.

Sigmund, who also works at the International Institute of Applied Systems Theory in Laxenburg and who is member of the Austrian Academy of Science and the Academia Leopoldina, is currently vice-president of the Austrian Science Funds. He has been president of the Austrian Mathematical Society and is on many scientific and editorial boards. He has published some 120 papers, including many for Nature and Science, and has edited twelve books.