Jean Pigozzi

JEAN PIGOZZI is an Italian businessman who resides part of the year in Switzerland. The son of the founder of the French car manufacturer SIMCA, which was sold to Chrysler in 1962, he received the French baccalaureate in Paris in 1970, and a BA from Harvard University in 1974. After working at Gaumont Film Company in Paris and at Fox Studios in L.A., in 1981 he became a very substantial investor in Venture Capital in mainly the U.S and U.K.

Over the last 15 years, he assembled the world’s largest collection of contemporary African Art, CAACART.

Pigozzi, via his LIQUID JUNGLE LAB in Panama, is working on high-tech ecological research with the following partners: The Smithsonian Tropical Research Intitute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, The Royal Botnical Garden of Madrid and Yale School of Forestry.

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