Salvador Pániker

SALVADOR PÁNIKER is an engineer, philosopher and Spanish writer, of Hindu father and Catalan mother, born in Barcelona in 1927. He is Doctor in industrial engineering and has been professor of philosophy in the University of Barcelona. He is brother of also philosopher Raimon Panikkar. He is founding and director of the Kairós publishing house, and president of the Right Association to Morir Dignamente (DMD) of Spain.

Pániker created the philosophical concept of "retroprogression", an answer to the nihilism of postmodernism, which aims at reconciling arts and sciences in the era of the complexity and uncertainty.

He is the recipient of the International Press Prize. Among his books are: Retroprogressive conversations in Catalonia, Conversations in Madrid, Approaching the Origin, Tests, Philosophy and Mysticism, as well as the series of 4 autobiographical books First Testament, Second Memory, Yellow Notebook and Variations 95.