Hans-Joachim Metzger

1949 *. Fifties & sixties: Germany /Rhineland; adventures, school, first loves. Seventies: Cologne, Berlin, Paris; university studies; Philosophy, Psychology, Psychoanalysis; Seventies into eighties: Teacher at the Institute for Studies in Philosophy at Berlin Free University; publications & translations. Eighties: Berlin, Vienna; publishing house; science editor, managing director; National Public Radio (Berlin); documentaries; Prix Futura Berlin; translations, editions, publications; computer graphics. Nineties: Berlin, Frankfurt, Austria/Vorarlberg, Munich, Chemnitz, Hannover, Japan; IT industry & PC specialist press; marketing & communications manager; translations, publications; computer graphics. 2000 etc.: Hannover, Japan, Austria/Vorarlberg; IT industry; independent management consultant & communications designer; publications; computer graphics. Married, two daughters.

Publications on Philosophy, Poetology, Psychoanalysis, Computer Science, Artificial Life. Translations & editions of works by Jean Baudrillard, Maurice Blanchot, Jacques Derrida, Glenn Gould, Jacques Lacan, Victor Tausk, a.o. Computer graphics: Since 1985: "Black Light Objects" series since 1995; publications & exhibitions in South America, Spain, Japan, Germany.

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