Andrian Kreye

ANDRIAN KREYE, from 1987 to 2006, was the US cultural correspondent for the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (currently the largest German-language daily). At the end of 2006, he moved from New York to Germany, where he took over the Feuilleton section of the newspaper (part arts & ideas, part op-ed section).

Before joining Sueddeutsche Zeitung, he had written numerous feature stories for magazines in Europe and the US. For 10 years he served as a contributing editor to the weekend magazine of the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine. In 1985 he had been one of the founding editors of Tempo, the "Magazine for Zeitgeist" based in Hamburg.

He has published a book on minority cultures in the US (Aufstand der Gettos/Uprise of the Ghettos), a collection of short stories (Grand Central) and an anthology of his work in hot spots like Bosnia, Colombia, Rwanda and the Sudan (Berichte aus der Kampfzone /Dispatches from the Combat Zone).