Art Kleiner

ART KLEINER is a writer, lecturer, and consultant with a background in management, interactive media, corporate environmentalism, scenario planning, and organizational learning. He is a co-author (with Pete Senge et al.) of the best-selling Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, The Dance of Change, and Schools That Learn; and author of Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Priviledge, and Success.

Since 1986, he has taught in New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program (the "academic home" for New York's "Silicon Alley"). He has consulted to BP, the International Finance Corp., Royal Dutch/Shell Group Planning, the Arizona Republic newspaper, Excite Europe, AmeriTrade, the LensCrafters retail chain, Global Business Network, the Canadian Energy Research Institute, and many educational organizations.

He has conducted editorial consultations for Pete Senge, Peter Schwartz, Noel Tichy, Harriet Rubin, Mitch Kapor, Arie de Geus, and Kenichi Ohmae; he has been described by journalist Stuart Crainer as one of the top three business ghostwriters. Art's own articles have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, 7 Days, Wired, Tikkun, Discover, Popular Science, Across the Board, Grolier's Encyclopedia, Marketing Week, and a variety of computer and telecommunications magazines.

A former editor of the Whole Earth Catalog and a longstanding expert on computer conferencing, Kleiner has been writing about telecommunications and computer technology for the general public since 1979. He was involved with the development of the Electronic Information Exchange System (EIES), WELL, and ECHO computer conferencing systems.