Marcy Kahan

MARCY KAHAN is half-Canadian and half-American.

She's an award-winning screenwriter and stage dramatist.

Her screenplay Antonia and Jane was the first BBC television film to be given theatric release by Miramax and it won the Gold Plaque Award for Best Original Screenplay at the 1991 Chicago Film Festival.

Her stage work includes Goldberg Variations, which was produced off-Broadway in May 1999 and directed by Alison Summers.

Marcy has written ten original plays for BBC radio including Everybody Comes to Schicklgruber's which won a Sony Award in 1997, and The Uncertainty Principle, a comedy about genetic forecasting set in Manhattan in 2099 and commissioned by BBC World Service to mark the beginning of the new century. She's also written many radio adaptations including The Railway Children, The Wizard of Oz and most recently, a ten-hour dramatisation of Tolstoy's War and Peace.