Ben Goertzel

BEN GOERTZEL is founder Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer of Webmind Inc., and the chief architect of the Webmind AI system which not only understands the meaning of concepts expressed in text, speech and numerical data patterns, but also creates its own ideas based on the information it accesses. Webmind, a Java-based software system, evolves its own "digital intuition," which it uses to pose and answer questions. It deals with textual and numerical information on an equal footing, freely making generalizations that span different types of data.

Goertzel holds a PhD in mathematics from Temple University, and has held university faculty positions in mathematics, computer science, and psychology, at universities in the US, New Zealand and Australia. He is author of numerous research papers, a biography (Linus Pauling: A Life in Science and Politics) and five scholarly books dealing with topics in the cognitive sciences. In his spare time, he composes avant-garde music and writes surrealist fiction and poetry.

Webmind, Inc.