Daniel Gilbert

DANIEL GILBERT is he Harvard College Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and Director of Harvard’s Hedonic Psychology Laboratory. He is generally considered the world's foremost authority in the fields of affective forecasting and the fundamental attribution error.

He has published numerous scientific articles and chapters, several short works of fiction, and is the editor of The Handbook of Social Psychology. He has been been awarded the Distinguished Scientific Award for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology by the American Psychological Association, fellowships from both the Guggenheim Foundation and the American Philosophical Society, and has been a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Research in the Behavioral Sciences.

In 2002, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin listed Gilbert as one of the fifty most influential social psychologists of the decade, and in 2003 one of his research papers was chosen by the editors of Psychological Inquiry as one of four "modern classics" in social psychology.

He is the author of Stumbling on Happiness.

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"Affective Forecasting...Or...The Big Wombassa: What You Think You're Going To Get, And What You Don't Get, When You Get What You Want": A Talk with Daniel Gilbert [2.13.04]

"The Vagaries of Religious Experience" [9.28.05]

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