Francesco De Pretis

FRANCESCO DE PRETIS is a science journalist and assistant professor of financial mathematics at Campus University (Rome, Italy).

In 2003, for an article on the German mathematician Riemann, he was awarded the "Scrivere la Scienza" writing prize, for which there were more than three thousands contestants. In 2005, he organized an exhibition entitled "Hamilton, the Quaternions and new Mechanics", in honor of the bicentennial of Sir William Rowan Hamilton's birth, which was shown in Genoa during the third annual "Festival della Scienza" and officially acknowledged by the Royal Irish Academy. In 2007, he was named Armenise-Harvard fellow and was invited to visit the Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

De Pretis is regular contributor to La Stampa and news correspondent for Science Magazine. Occasionally, he is on air on the Swiss-Italian Public Radio.

Following his studies in mathematics and economics, De Pretis is currently working in a philosophical doctorate on simulation through mathematical models. His current scientific interests are computational statistics methods applied to number theory and quantum computing. His personal passion is the history of mathematics.