Stepanie Czerny

STEFFI CZERNY is one of the creative minds at Hubert Burda Media. She is co-founder of the DLD Conference, Managing Director of DLD Media & DLD Ventures GmbH as well as founder of the inspirational DLDwomen Conference. 

Joining the Burda group in 1995, Steffi held several executive posts in new media activities. Her background is in political sciences and communications. Furthermore, she earned a degree in journalism at the renowned Deutsche Journalistenschule.

Czerny has followed developments in the digital world for over 20 years now and focuses on developing branding and communication initiatives. In everything she does, she follows her personal guideline: connect the unexpected.

For three consecutive years, she has been voted one of 25 most successful business women in Germany by the Financial Times: "In the conference intense German media industry, the conference Digital Life Design (DLD) provides glamour. Each year the Hubert Burda Media publishing house brings the German digital scene together with the crème de la crème of Silicon Valley. ... With DLD she has pushed the traditional print media house into the digital age."