Ann Crittenden

ANN CRITTENDEN is an award-winning journalist and author. She was a reporter for The New York Times from 1975 to 1983, where her work on a broad range of economic issues was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. She has also been a reporter for Fortune, a financial writer and foreign correspondent for Newsweek, a visiting lecturer at MIT and Yale, an economics commentator for CBS News, and executive director of the Fund for Investigative Journalism in Washington, D.C. She is the author of Sanctuary: A Story of American Conscience and the Law in Collision, which was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year in 1988, Killing the Sacred Cows: Bold Ideas for a New Economy, and The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines, including The Nation, Foreign Affairs, McCall's, Lear's, and Working Woman.