June Cohen

As Executive Producer of TED Media, JUNE COHEN has been responsible for bringing the TED Conference online, and growing its audience from 1000 attendees to more than 100 million viewers worldwide. In 2006, she launched TEDTalks, the groundbreaking online video series that first made the conference talks available to the world, and in 2007, she led the acclaimed redesign of TED.com. As a result, TEDTalks have now been viewed more than 200 million times worldwide, and have created a new platform for today's leading thinkers and doers, across a wide range of disciplines. Cohen also co-produces and co-hosts the annual TED Conference, and is at work on other media initiatives for TED.

In May 2009, June launched the TED Open Translation Project, which allows volunteers worldwide to translate TEDTalks into any language. In the first six months, more than 2000 unpaid translators have worked on 7000 translations in 80 languages, of which 4000 have been published. TED's online initiatives have been covered in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, Wired, Newsweek, Le Monde, Germany's Suddeutsche Zeitung and Italy's Coriere della Sere. They've also won a range of industry awards, including 5 Webbies and the Communication Arts Interactive Annual Competition.

Prior to joining TED, June had been at the leading edge of media and technology for 15 years. In 1991, she led the Stanford University team that developed the world’s first multimedia magazine. It attracted international news coverage as a harbinger of things to come. Then, in 1994, she helped launch HotWired.com, the pioneering website from Wired Magazine, which introduced many of the conventions now commonplace on the web (from ad banners to comments on news stories to the concept of "membership"). For several years, she wrote HotWired's "Net Surf" column -- one of the web’s first blogs -- and documented such historical moments as the launch of Amazon.com. In 1996, she founded Webmonkey.com, the much-loved developers’ site still used by millions (and recently re-acquired by Wired Magazine). From 1997-2000, she helped lead HotWired to profitability as VP of Content, overseeing all creative development on sites, from Animation Express to the HotBot search engine. Her manual for web producers, "The Unusually Useful Web Book," was published in 2003. June holds a BA from Stanford, where she was Editor in Chief of The Stanford Daily.

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