David Bunnell

"There's a fundamental shift taking place, because information is no longer an object that has to be transported. In the digital world, information that traditionally took the form of newspapers, magazines, or books can instantaneously be transported anywhere. The implication is vast. It requires a different value system. How heavy a newspaper is and how much it costs to get it to somebody no longer determines the cover price. Suddenly that cost is zero."

Media entrepreneur and technology pioneer DAVID BUNNELL is the founder of several major media properties including PC Magazine, PC World, Macworld, Macworld Expo, New Media and BioWorld.  He was the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Upside Media from 1996-2002.  Bunnell is the recipient of the only Lifetime Achievement Award from the Computer Press Association.

David Bunnell traces his roots in the technology industry to the first personal computer. In 1975, he was the vice president of marketing at MITS in Albuquerque, N.M., when it introduced the first commercially available personal computer, the Altair 8800. While at MITS, Bunnell worked closely with Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who created the first personal computer programming language for the Altair.

Bunnell is also the founder of Computers & You, a community computer learning center at Glide Church in the heart of one of San Francisco�s poorest neighborhoods, the Tenderloin district. Computers & You provides computer training to thousands of poor adults and children.  For several years, he also served a member of the Board of the Northern California American Civil Liberties Union.

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