Thomas A. Bass

THOMAS BASS is the author of The Predictors; Vietnamerica: The War Comes Home; Reinventing the Future; Camping with the Prince and Other Tales of Science in Africa; and The Eudaemonic Pie.

He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, NPR, BBC, and other venues to promote his books. He is the author of numerous articles for Wired, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Smithsonian, Discover, and other magazines.

He has taught literature and history at Hamilton College and the University of California and is former director of the Hamilton in New York City Program on "Media in the Digital Age." Professor of English at the University at Albany, Mr. Bass lives in New York with his wife and three children.


"God Vs. Science": A Debate Between Natalie Angier And David Sloan Wilson, Moderated by Thomas A. Bass [11.27.07]

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