Cliff Barney

CLIFF BARNEY is editor of Tales of the Network Frontier.

Newspapers: Toiled a dozen years for the dailies: The San Francisco Examiner, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Providence Journal, Pawtucket (R.I.) Times, and Stars and Stripes, Darmstadt, Germany. Survived.

Trade Journalism etc.:� Initiated into the technology revolution by a great editor, Lew Young, who subsequently brought Business Week into the modern world, but was then refashioning Electronics magazine (McGraw-Hill). Covered the beginnings of the semiconductor industry in what was then not even Silicon Valley (1966-69).

Dropped out for seven years of adventuring during which I had more fun than was strictly legal. Came back in the late 70's to cover the computer explosion, at Electronics, Macintosh Today, BioWorld, NewMedia, and elsewhere. Took part in several ventures with David Bunnell, now of Upside magazine, the only publisher I ever knew with a sense of humor about himself.

Living off the Grid:� Moved to a jungle village in Mexico in 1994 and started looking at technology from the other end of the telescope, with results to be found on this site. Recently relocated further north on the same ocean, to the edge of the communications jungle in Santa Monica, CA.

LINK: Tales of the Network Frontier