Julian Barbour

JULIAN BARBOUR , a theoretical physicist, has worked on foundational issues in physics for 35 years, specializing in the study of time and inertia. He is the is the author of Absolute or Relative Motion?, The End of Time, and The Discovery of Dynamics.

He lives on a farm north of Oxford village and for the past 30 years he has made a living translating Russian while pursuing his interests in physics.

"I've been working for myself, following my ideas," he says. I wanted to be independent because I'm not the sort of person who can produce a lot of research papers with equations, regular basis — I've got quite a good intuition, at least it seems to me I'm always coming up with ideas at least for myself, and some of them stand up to the test of colleagues. I just wanted to be away of all pressure to publish just for the sake of having a publication.

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